Leadership in Policy

Leadership in Policy

Client: UC Davis, Department of Dermatology: Grand Rounds: Medical Ethics in Dermatology

Objective: The learning objectives were to: 1) Increase the participants’ understanding of ideas and concepts in medical ethics and healthcare policy; 2) to build an awareness of ethical issues in Medicine and Dermatology; and, 3) to expose participants to some current ethical challenges in Medicine and Dermatology using current topics in the news and policy battles currently being waged at the Capitol. The overall goal of this is to help make medical students and residents better rounded, more public-policy-thoughtful doctors; doctors who can advocate for their patients both as clinicians and as catalysts for change in the policies affecting them.

Strategy: Using a two-hour multi-media presentation, 35 medical student and resident attendees were presented with an overview of guiding principles with which to frame ethical and policy decisions. They were then presented with a series of questions which prompted guided discussion and debate.

Result: As evidenced by participant feed-back, the workshop was well-received. Several participants said that combining the discussion of ethics with that of policy prompted them to think more broadly about their role as physician leaders.

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