Navigating The Process

Navigating The Process

Client: California HealthCare Foundation, Healthcare Leadership Program.

Objective: To improve public healthcare policy by providing clinically trained health care professionals with the tools to engage in the making of laws and regulations. Led the policy component for the past 15 years (2001 – 2016)

Strategy: Develop three personal assets by 1) developing knowledge of the policymaking process and of current “hot topics” in current healthcare policy debates through “a day at the Capitol”, policy assignments and interactive webinars and in-person seminars in Sacramento and San Jose; 2) develop advocacy skills by assigning each leadership group the task of meeting with a state lawmaker to better understand and chart a course for improving a law or regulation in their assigned area and coaching each group (4-6 individuals per group, 6 groups each cohort) through these meetings, and; 3) building organizational leadership skills through guest legislator-led discussions about real-life policy challenges.

Result: More than 375 clinicians (physicians, nurses, dentists and many other healthcare professionals) have graduated from the program and many of these have achieved front-page success in leading innovative healthcare policy changes and in attaining high profile policy leadership positions. Two examples: One program graduate became director of the California Department of Public Health, another was elected to public office and became the chair of one of two health committees in the state legislature.

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