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Welcome to the Cal Capitol Academy. We are the only policy training program in Sacramento that is run by practicing, veteran lobbyists. Our mission is to help organizations and individuals like you to engage in the policy making process. We believe that the more trade associations, professional guilds, consumer groups, organizations that represent the disenfranchised, organizations that represent the enfranchised, people who have a fire in their belly but don’t know where and how to successfully drive change – the more they can be engaged in making public policies, the better our public policies will be.

Our faculty and speakers have decades of experience and have worked with a wide range of organizations including: The California HealthCare Foundation, The Bay Area Council, California Senior Legislature, University of California at San Francisco Center for the Health Professions, Automotive Service Councils of California, Blue Shield of California Foundation and many others.

Here’s a little about our process:

  1. Consult: Our initial consult is to better understand your goals. Are you an individual who wants to change the world or an executive director who simply wants to know how to hire a lobbyist? Does your organization already have lots of hands-on Capitol experience but needs to be better organized to deploy your volunteer assets? Or are you well organized but lack the skill and knowledge to engage in the legislative or regulatory process?
  2. Develop Curriculum: Based on your goals we will recommend a curriculum and faculty best suited to you. This may be focused internally on your organizational needs, such as providing a presentation to your Board on the current policy challenges facing your field or a key note about engaging in public policy development. It may also include one, or multiple workshops to develop your advocacy team, identify your internal strengths, develop a plan.
  3. Implement: Our trainings will develop the skills, knowledge and organizational preparedness that you and your organization will need to be an effective catalyst for change. Following your training, our team will remain your team; available to as a guide for navigating the often confusing processes and quirks of legislative and regulatory processes.

So, if you or your organization wants to make a difference in public policy but are not sure where to start, please call us for a free, no obligation consult.

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