Tom RileyFor more than 20 years, Tom has provided legislative and regulatory consulting services to a variety of healthcare organizations.

Tom’s longevity and success in the political arena is testimony to both his skill as a communicator and to his personal integrity. Tom is recognized for his ability to assist clients in developing unique avenues to achieving their goals. Through his knowledge of the government and his vast array of contacts, Tom is often able to bring opposing parties to consensus and solution.

In addition to his extensive lobbying experience, Tom is also well known for his expertise in the public relations arena, adding an important dimension to his effectiveness as an advocate for his clients.

Tom is a popular leadership trainer. He is the creator and facilitator of an insightful leadership training program for California organizations that teaches healthcare professionals the skills to advocate for their interests at the state and political levels. He also collaborates with nonprofit foundations to implement new training programs that address pressing concerns in healthcare access and delivery.

Tom is a recognized author, speaker and leadership trainer. Known for his intelligence and creative communication style, Tom presents frequently at annual meetings, as well as board retreats. He is the former managing editor of the California Family Physician magazine and a former editor-in-chief of California Primary Care News. His articles on healthcare have been published in many professional publications, including the Health Affairs.

Tom is a senior fellow of the University of California at San Francisco’s Center for the Health Professions and serves on several state and federal healthcare-related committees and task forces in a volunteer advisory capacity.

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